Sunday, March 19, 2017

Words of a True Messenger

This weekend my husband and I took one of our daughters and her husband down to St. George, Utah for the Doctrine of Christ General Conference.  We were richly fed in spirit and in friendship. God has been so good to us.  He has brought light and truth into our lives with an added bonus of wonderful people.

Saturday was focused on relationships and spirituality versus religiosity, ascension and the pathway to God. A new version of the scriptures was presented with the idea that we have 6 months to read and review them before we vote on whether or not we will sustain them as binding on us as the covenant, law and commandments from God.

After the conference we bought some wine, bread and cups and hiked up Snow Canyon where a group of us assembled to partake of the sacrament and look at the stars.

Sunday was a pure spiritual feast as we listened to a true messenger, sent from the Lord, to teach us, Denver Snuffer, Jr. as he expounded on the new version of the scriptures, the need for a sustaining vote on the scriptures as well as more information about a future temple which will need to be built in order that God can have a house in which He can dwell here on the earth.  

There was so much information, knowledge and wisdom taught.  I am looking forward to the written version of the talks being made available on the Doctrine of Christ website in order that I may study them in more depth.  

You can find them at this link: under past conferences.